Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Paramecium Under the Microscope

Check out we checked out Monday.  Mr. Musselman came back for another visit.  Monday, he brought some live paramecium for the students to observe under the microscopes. 

Students had already learned about how the microscopes use light and lenses to enlarge and view what is on the stage.  They had even practiced using the different magnification using newspaper last week.   

The children even practiced drawing enlarged grass cells and crystals the week prior.  It is necessary to draw pictures that look like what is under the microscope.  There are big differences between cube shaped sugar particles and curvy live paramecium.  Live items don't stay still either!
In the end, the fifth grade had yet another day of scientific discovery.  Not only did they get to learn how to use a microscope but they saw another way our light learning is applied to scientific tools. 

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  1. Great job 103!!! I want to watch the paramecium under the microscope, how exciting.