Saturday, November 16, 2013

Nonfiction Rain Forest Books

Throughout the beginning of this year, our ELA class has been researching and creating individual rain forest animal books.  Our read alouds have provided us with great examples and opportunities to try new writing ideas and styles.  In Notability, we have been taking notes on these Interesting Writing strategies to hook readers and make our writing more exciting by incorporating the senses, personification and more.  In the art room, we have been sketching our environment and animals.  The children are all excited to start painting and loading our books onto Book Creator and finally onto our shelves.  Now we are taking all the pieces and putting them together to complete our projects.

This week we started our new page to weave a tale 'explaining' an attribute of each student's researched animal.  We read about Jabuti the tortoise and heard one example story about why ants march in a single file. I can't wait to hear what the students conjure up.

The weeks to come have more in store for our animals friends using our sense of persuasion.  I know the children will love their interaction with the school community both on the page and in person.  Stay tuned in for our final pieces.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Constitution Videos

How is the Constitution organized?

What were the challenges the founding fathers faced when making the Constitution?

What is the Bill of Rights? What are those rights?

Why did the US need to make a new government?

Why do we need government?