Saturday, March 1, 2014

Happy Dr. Seuss Day

Our new ELA tradition continues with our Cat in the Hat Scavenger Hunt.  Let's see what the children had to offer for clues in Seussical form!

Thing 1 and Thing 2
Have scattered some clues
We have fluffy blue hair
And pop out of nowhere
Even though we are crazy, clumsy and messy too
Come out of your office, we want to play with you
Go to each place and collect a new clue
The clue you will find; it’s clear what to do
Each item you find you must wear til you’re through

Go to the brooms and mops.
You will be really close to Mr.Marsh.
There is a lot of slarsh.
This person cleans up messes, while doing his task.

Behind the panda 
A place full of quietness 
Next to the stanzas 
A place full of facts 
It always has peacefulness 
You can always relax 

With carts filled
With smarts
Where you can type 
And you can skype 
A place to refill your tea and 
No chance to get stung by a bee
A place to search the web 
You're head can go KABLEB!
It's set on a marathoner's table 
That's attached to a cable

Where dinosaurs take over every year,
There are a lot of seats with numbers,
And possibly Thing one and Thing two will hide in row L and seat 13,
And this is where people gain lots of fear.

It's the place where you use forks
Where you see a lot of windows
And you eat lots of porks
With some one-handed shmimbose
It's under the 5th grade tables 
Where there's probably a lot of clabels

Near the gym, this room is fun.
It is as fun as playing in the sun.
In this room you will hear no sound.
Unless everybody is jumping around.
You will go past a room of things.
And these things are called swings.
You might find this clue in a pit.
Just so you won't throw a fit.

Where sport players are born 
And records are broken 
where there is only one court
and checkers will never be played 
it does not matter if you are short 
all that matters is how good you are at a sport
there is also some very encouraging signs 
go to the place where it says fw a couple of times 

Go to a place where two teachers teach
Don't be surprised if you run into a sneech 
Go and find where storage is kept 
Where music is their only quest 
Where seats sit one by one 
Where music and work gets done 

The kindergarten hallway 
Has a lot of doorways 
Where the rainforest project began 
This classroom collected cans 
This classroom is near the cafeteria 
And it is a media 
This classroom is near the library 
Which has a lot of dairies.

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