Saturday, March 22, 2014

Build a Circuit Simulations

Today in the computer lab we continued our virtual exploration of electricity.  The children visited the PhET Interactive Simulations site where they built circuits, tested insulators and conductors, measured electricity and had a good time with learning.
Can you build a circuits with wires, resistors, batteries, switches and light bulbs?  Try it out here.  Many children discovered how to make fire.  Please ask them about it!

At the same time, students utilized their fifth grade technology skill set by successfully navigating through Gmail and Drive to open their accounts and find a shared link to get to the required website.  At this point they also had to run the program to make it load.  When all was said and done the children were assessed for understanding of URL, tab, and signing out of just their Google accounts rather than the school network.  These students will be ready for any technology the middle school throws them.

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