Saturday, March 1, 2014

Curiosity Club: BEF Grant put to Good Use

Weighing and Measuring, Oh My

So, the materials have been purchased and distributed.  The children have written their questions and set up a plan and some even put them out to be ready for next week.  Next week comes the real experiments but let's see where they are at right now!

These two ladies will be measuring what different salts do to ice cream in a certain amount of time

This due is building a runway for different size and weight balls.  They want to know how far the fan can blow the balls and which speed will blow the balls the furthest.  This will be allot of measuring Tuesday.

But of course no amount of experiments is complete without the age old question, "Which sponge holds the most water?"  The world may never know.  We can't wait to report out about the actual experiments next week.  Stay tuned for our completed experiments!

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