Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Dr. Seuss Day

In true Dr. Seuss style, enjoy our rendition of a scavenger hunt!

Thing 1 and Thing 2
Have scattered some clues
We have fluffy blue hair
And pop out of nowhere
Even though we are crazy, clumsy and messy too
Come to our school, we want to play with you
Go to each place and collect a new clue
The clue you will find; it’s clear what to do

Each item you find you must wear til you’re through

This place is where a lot of books are found;
A to Z you won't leave with a frown.
This place is where all the stories are at
up up up you can surely bet that.
It doesn't matter if you're small or TALL
All it takes is a walk down the hall.
This spot is nestled between two fourth grade rooms; these teachers are quite nice,
The basketed books in this closet should be as quiet as mice.
If you go to room S24
you'll see books and much more.

Announcements are made from here.
Mrs Conley speaks with cheer.
BAD KIDS,sick kids can be found;
In this place help is all around.
Thing 1 and Thing 2 can be heard ringing;
You may also find Mrs. McDonald singing.

At your next destination at the end of the hall,
You'll find kids creating paintings for the wall.
You may find an animal that has a big trunk.
You might see some children filled with spunk.
The weaving, the pottery, the self portraits too.
When you come to this room you won't be blue!

This is a place where you can take a seat.
And you'll find many things to eat.
You can eat delicious food.
Even pizza if you are in the mood.
A little factory where people bake.
Yummy foods like cookies and cake.
Eat and talk with all your friends too.
And this is where you'll find your clue.

It is where you run around.
And basketball nets do abound.
Do you hear the sound?
You'll see lines.
And lots of signs.
You'll make a sweat.
And become wet.
And you can energize.
On pull-up lines.
And this is where you look to find your surprise!

Come on down to the kindergarten hall
iPads are on and kids are having a ball
Near the staircase next to the printer
You'll find the best class you've seen all winter
When you look for the door
It's 102 plus one more

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