Saturday, March 21, 2015


Electricity started with a trip to the computer lab where we made circuits on a PHET simulation. The children quickly learned that circuits need to create a full circle: a closed circuit. They also discovered what a resistor does. And that longer wires act like resistors. And that adding more light bulbs acts like a resistor. Not to say that these definitions are completely accurate but what great observations.

Throughout these electricity lessons, we have studied open and closed circuits, the inner workings of flashlights with an emphasis on conductors, insulators and simple machines, along with the flow of electrons creating an electric current. Now it's time to try out a real experiment. Can they test what they know and create a light of there own?

And so comes the moment of truth, the electricity tests. The paper to pencil test was given, corrected and returned on day one. However, it was day two that measured understanding. Could they build a novel item displaying their electricity understanding. Some students were asked to create a toilet paper roll flash light while others made a light up style as a buzzer. Both, groups of students were welcomed to the challenge with a motivational video and a set of criteria to follow. The buzz in the room was amazing. The children were excited to DO SCIENCE. 

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