Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Typhoon Joins 103

A Classroom Pet

A few students responsibly came to me last week inquiring about a classroom pet.  After careful consideration, I couldn't come up with a reason to say, "No!" So last week, we welcomed Typhoon to our class.

Typhoon is a male guinea pig.  Our guinea pig is about 5 years old. Guinea pigs are not very active.   When you hold a guinea pig, you must support its back legs.  It needs to get its vitamins from fruit and vegetables daily.  It is part of the cavia family.  They are nocturnal. and they like to hide in tall grass in the wild as camouflage and for warmth.  

Mrs. Pavlicek came with our new classroom friend and the students are already in love.  I can't believe how attentive the children are.  One student even wrote out the care and maintenance for our new pet. And, although, I got a printed copy of the directions, I feel strongly that it will be these nicely hand printed directions I will use as we enjoy our visitor.  

The children come in every morning eager to take him out and say hello.  I am proud of the class for genuinely caring about our new pet.  Not only do they pay attention to Typhoon but they feed him fruits and vegetables daily, change his water and clean his cage with no complaints.

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