Friday, October 10, 2014

Student Council

8 Responsible Students
Only 3 Seats to be Filled
What Will Happen?

Okay, so maybe I am being slightly dramatic, but you should have been here.  It was tense.  The children prepared to read their speeches.  I went through the typical discussion about their responsibilities as citizens to be responsible voters.  I heard the children talking about butterflies in their stomachs and being nervous about the speech and if they might win.  Listening really put it into perspective for me.

The children took this opportunity seriously!  I am impressed.  I heard all about our CARES motto.  For those of us who might not be sure about this: Compassion, Accomplishment, Respect, Enthusiasm and Self-reliance.  I heard children talk about what they can do to help our school and how they can help others make similar accomplishments.  I heard them talk about responsible ways to help children who are being bullied.  I admired students for accepting that they will give up some of their own recess time to be a member of this community.  Good job boys and girls; I can't wait to see who will represent 103, the fifth grade and Francis Wyman!

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