Sunday, October 6, 2013

Technology Surrounds Us

     Over the past two weeks, my classes have started utilizing technology for creation, research, note taking and work completion.  In math, we have been using Notability to do work and start note taking and using my wiki  for building a classroom math glossary.  In ELA, we have been using Google drive to share websites for animal research and searching out proper pictures for animal settings for our soon to be created animal nonfiction books.  Soon, these books will be created in Book Creator, another app on the iPads.  In Social Studies, the students have been researching different guiding questions for the Constitution.   This research has been done through Webpath Express, a Francis Wyman Library link that supplies websites that have been predetermined to be safe and appropriate for students.  This research is being gathered to create iMovie trailers so that students can create their own projects to demonstrate learning.

     Most parents have many questions about how technology is being supported and used in the classrooms.  I don't have all the answers but I strive to be a learner in everything put in front of me.  This week alone, the technology team along with Francis Wyman's Technology Specialist, Ben Schersten came in to help us set up Notability and answer my many questions about how to use the iPads more for math work and completion.  I am looking forward to how this will unfold in the classroom.  The students and I are eager to get started.  For questions and more information, I hope you will all check out both the Francis Wyman Ed Tech Blog as well as the Burlington Public Schools Ed Tech Blog.

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