Monday, October 14, 2013

Shh, We are Researching the Constitution!

The year begins with creating classroom rules for order.  This rule creation is then paralleled to the laws contained within the Constitution,  the rights within the Bill of Rights and the process the founding fathers went through to create this powerful document. This year, this first social studies concept became our first in depth project with five small groups researching one area of question:


                      • Why did and do people need government?
                      • Why and how did the US need to devise a new government that                                          included its citizens in the process?
                      • What were some of the major debates that confronted the founding                                     fathers?
                      • What is the general structure of the United States government?
                      • What is the content and purpose of the Bill of Rights?

These projects required students to research their topic area, break down their question into smaller pieces and divvy up those smaller ideas to individuals and put into word, slide, picture and/or video answers.  The children have been given graphic organizers to plan their iMovie representations of their answers.  Along the way, we have had smaller lessons on Drawing Pad, research and project planning.  Although our lessons on the Constitution are complete, the project will continue during our Friday afternoon activity block until October 25th.  Please be sure to look at our movie trailers when they are complete.

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