Monday, December 11, 2017

Decimal Comparison Word Problems

This week, try your hand at writing and solving a word problem that includes comparing three different decimals and placing them in numerical order. Make sure your word problem makes sense.


  1. Emelie has $18.42 in her room. Maya has $19.23 in her room. Rucha has $17.72. List the amount of money they have from least to greatest.

    Answer: $17.72, $18.42, 19.23

  2. Riley bought 12.5 macaroons. Lily bought 25.62 macaroons. Emily bought 23.3 macaroons. Line up these decimals from greatest to least.

    25.62, 23.3, 12.5

  3. Eshaan has 14.35$, Arav has 12.11$, And Cody has 9.26$. Who has the most amount of money and who has the least amount of money.Then place the digits in numerical order.

    Answer.Eshaan has the most, Cody has the least and the numbers in numerical order are 14.35$, 12.11$, And 9.26$.

    Answer.Eshaan has the most amount of money, Cody has the least amount of money and the numbers in numerical order are 14.35$,12.11$, And 9.26$.

  4. Randy went to a store and saw three different candies, one cost 1.34, the second cost 0.75 and, the third one cost 0.35, Put the candies in order in numerical order.

    0.35, 0.75, 1.35

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  6. It snowed 3.076 in Sethville, It snowed 3.760 in Greenland and it snowed 3.607 in The Place of Nil. Write the order in Numerical order.

    Answer: Sethville, The Place of Nil and Greenland

  7. Jason’s Decimal Comparison Word Problem.

    Bob has 2.371 pieces of pizza. Jerry has 2.5 pieces of pizza. Ava has 2.48 pieces of pizza. Bob thinks he has the most because he has the most amount of numbers. Jerry thinks he has he has the most because 5 is greater than 4 and 3. Ava thinks she has the most because 8 is the greatest of all the numbers. Who is Correct? Place the decimals in numerical order

    Answer: Jerry: 2.5 2.48 2.371

  8. Jake has 28 peach trees, Luke has 47, and nick has 14. Lie to the numbers in numerical order. Answer:14,28,47

  9. A swimming competition has 3 swimmers. Each of them swam 15 yards. Elle swam for 1.52 minutes. Pranathi swam for 0.58 minutes. Sneha swam for 1.26 minutes. Order the numbers from least to greatest.

    Answer: 0.58,1.26,1.52

  10. Tory has 25.67 flowers. Kat has 26.92 flowers. Sophie has 25.08 flowers. They are trying to figure out who has the most flowers and who has the least. Place the decimals in order of the smallest amount to the largest amount. Who has the most? Who has the least?

    25.08, 25.67, 26.92. Kat has the most. Sophie has the least.

  11. Nabeeha’s Decimal Comparison Word Problem

    In gym class, three people made it on the chart for the shuttle run. The scores were 10.09, 10.2, and 9.91. What are the scores in numerical order?

    Answer: 9.91,10.09, 10.2

  12. Jeff had $100.56. Ashneel had $1,000,000.69. Eshaan had $1.24. List these from greatest to least.