Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Anyone Up For A Game? Plant Pictionary It Is!

Students Become the Teacher
And Show Off Their Plant Savvy

The Plant Life Cycle
Student groups were assigned one plant topic to research and teach to the whole class. In true teacher format, our students had to captivate their audience with a quick game; explain their topic to the whole group; and assess each student's understanding. Upon completion of their 'teaching' the other students completed the 'teacher' created worksheets. Teachers then walked around the classroom, assessing understanding and attending to students with questions.


With only one topic to explore, students were able to take the time necessary to plan, practice and become the expert on their assigned topic. 


All students are growing in the areas of research, independence and collaboration. All worthwhile skills for in and out of the classroom.

Test your Plant Skills here!

Plant Cells

Moving Materials

Plant Organs

Plant Behavior

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