Monday, January 30, 2017

Vicious Vocabulary

Math Vocabulary is IMPORTANT! Throughout elementary school we encounter vocabulary that builds. From year to year we add more. At some point, it becomes imperative to know the vocabulary to be able to follow the directions. Throughout the course of school this week, submit a relevant math vocabulary word to Mrs. Lynch to add to a math dictionary page.

Once you have your word approved, go to Math is Fun. Copy the word and definition into Math Vocabulary Spreadsheet. Then, use the vocabulary in your own word problem. Mrs. Lynch's is done as an example. 

Finally, copy your word problem and answer it in the comment section below! DO YOUR BEST AND SHOW ALL YOUR WORK!


  1. John is trying to calculate his overall grade in math. He is allowed to drop the lowest score. He has received the following grades: 67, 89, 93, 87, 96, 100, 92. Line up his scores from least to greatest to determine the lowest score. Then calculate his average without the lowest score. What would his score be if he wasn't able to drop the lowest score? How much better did he do because he was able to drop the lowest score?

    67, 87, 89, 92, 93, 96, 100


    557/6 = 93%


    624/7 = 89%

    93% - 89% = 4%

    John's grade is a 93% as a result of dropping the lowest grade. This gives John a 4% higher grade moving him from a B+ to an A-. He really should thank his teacher!

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  3. Jeff the Chef has had 6 cooking tests. His scores were 92, 84, 42, 63, 75, and 77. He wanted to estimate his average score. What would his estimate be?

    92+84+42+63+75+77 = 433.

    433/7 = 61.8571428571

    61.8571428571 is rounded to 60.

    So his estimate would 60.

  4. Bob's Mailbox Factory makes mailboxes. They currently have 273 boxes of mailbox parts. Each box contains 19 mailbox parts. How many mailbox parts do they have? If 1 mailbox contains 3 parts, how many mail boxes can they make? Use p and m as variables. p is the amount of mail box parts they have. m is the amount of mail boxes they can make. Find the values of these variables.





    The factory has 5,187 mailbox parts and they can make 1,729 mailboxes. That's a lot of mailboxes!

  5. Jeff has 75 milk cartons each carton has 57.6 ounces of milk Multiply how many ounces of milk are there in the 75 cartons of milk. Should it be lower or higher than 4,350 or lower

    75 x 57.6 =?

    75 x 57.6 = 4,320

    4,350 > 4,320 It is lower than 4,350

    So there are 4,320 ounces of milk in each carton

  6. Mr. Andrew has 378 french fries. There are 18 boxes of french fries. Find the quotient of how many french fries are in each box?


    This means that there are 21 french fries in each box

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  8. Nancy is working on a math test. One of the questions are ..... What is the product of 57x3x4? Is the product greater than or less than 800?



    800>684. So 684 is less than 800.

    So the product is 684,and 684 is less than 800. If Nancy puts down that product she would be correct.

  9. Mrs. Damico has 11 pencil boxes and 22 kids in class. Each student should get an equal amount of boxes. How many pencil boxes should each student get? Write the quotient as a decimal or a fraction.




  10. Julia wants to calculate her 6 grades. Her scores are 75,68,97,68,54, and 58. Find the mean, median, range, and mode. If there is an outlier what is it?

    Mean: 75+68+97+68+54+58=420/6=70%

    Median: 54,58,68,68,75,97

    Mode: 68 is the mode because it is repeated twice.

    Range: 97-54=43

    Outlier: 97 because it is the farthest away from the other numbers.

  11. Joe had 64 muffins.He wanted to share them equally with between him and his 3 friends. What is the divisor in this problem and why? How many muffins will each person get?

    Answer : The divisor is 4 because he wants to share the muffins with 3 friends and himself.
    64/4=16 Each person will get 16 muffins.

  12. For a problem in math class, Grace had to find all of the multiples of 6. What are all of the multiples of 6?


    So all of the multiples of 6 are 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72.

  13. Shreya has multiple pens with different ink colors. She has 6 pens with pink ink, 2 pens with red ink, 5 pens with orange ink, 1 pen with yellow ink, 3 pens with green ink, 35 pens with blue ink and 1 pen with purple ink. What are the mean, median, mode and range? Is there an outlier and if there is one what is it.

    Mean: (1+2+3+4+5+6+35)/7=8
    Median: 4 because it is in the middle
    Mode: There is no mode since no numbers are repeated.
    Range: 35-1=34 because the range is the first number subtracted from the last.
    Outlier: The outlier is 35 because 35 is the farthest away from the rest of the numbers.

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  15. Dillan and his futsal team want to calculate their average score so far in the season. Their scores are 1, 5, 3, 1, 6, 2, and 2. To calculate their average score this season, add all their scores together. Then divide. Your dividend is the sum of all the data added together. Your divisor Is how many sets of data you have. In this case it is 7. They also want the median, mode and range.
    1 + 5 + 3 + 1 + 6 + 2 + 2= 20

    20 / 7 = about 3. Since a futsal score can’t be a fraction you have to round to the nearest one.

    1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 5, 6, The median is the second 2 because the middle of 7 is 4.

    1 & 2 The mode is 1 and 2 because they repeat twice

    The range is 5 because 6 is the greatest and 1 is the least. The difference is the range

    (Futsal is indoor soccer)

  16. Kate needs help with her math homework. She need to find the value of 60x4. What is the value? What number value is in the tens?

    60x4=240. 240 is the value of the number problem.

    The 4 is in the tens place so the value of the tens is 4.

  17. Shadman has 745 cookies that he has to share with 9 families. How many cookies will each family get? Use compatible numbers to help.

    To use compatible numbers I used 720 and 9 which is the math fact 72/9 so the answer would be 80 cookies for each family.

    The real answer is 82 cookies with 7 left over which means that the 9 families get 82 cookies. Also 80 is close to 82 so that means you are being reasonable with you answer.

  18. Jeff has 12 baskets of apples to eat. Each basket has 12 apples in them. How many apples are there in all? Use multiplication to solve.

    12x12=144 apples

    Jeff has 144 apples that he he can eat. Yum!

  19. Emma S. (A.K.A. #1)

    Emma has $48. She wants to divide the money into 6 equal groups. How much money will be in each group? Write the the equasion and the quotient to show that they are equivalent.

    I know that 48/6=8, so to show that they are equivalent I will write 48/6 is equal to 8.

  20. Julia R. is trying to find out how to use an exponent in math. If a problem says 5^3x2^4, how should she solve the problem? How can she make this problem easier to solve? Explain your answer.

    5^3= 5x5x5=125, because the exponent is 3, so you would use 5 3 times in the multiplication problem.
    2^4= 2x2x2x2=16, because the exponent is 4, so you would use 2 4 times in the multiplication problem.
    Now that you have two whole numbers, do out the multiplication. 125x16=2,000.

    The answer to her problem is 2,000.


  21. Jimmy's teacher wants him to calculate the average of his test scores which were 78,84,97,88,79, and 94 she told him to find the mean, median, mode, range and outlier if there is one.


    Mean:83.3, because 78+79+94+88+97+84=520 520/6=86.6

    Median: 84 and 88 are the numbers in the middle when put in order from least to greatest. Since 84+88=172 172/2=86 which would be the median.

    Mode: No data is repeated so there is no mode.

    Range:78 is the lowest number in the data and 97 is the highest. Add the two together to get the range. 78+97=175.

    Outlier: All the data is pretty close together so there is no outlier.

    Jimmy’s range is 175

  22. Sue is teaching her class about factors, they are trying to figure out the factors of 24. What are all the factors of 24??

    The factors are

    Each problem equals to 24, so those expressions are all factors of 24.

  23. Vincent's teacher gave him a decimal problem. It was 24 divided by 5. What is the answer to the problem? 5 goes into 24 4 times. 24-20=4. 5 goes into 4 0.8 times. 4 + 0.8 = 4.8

  24. Reagan is trying to figure out 20x100,000. She doesn't have to do the problem out. Can she keep the 20 and annex zeros? Find out if she can by annexing 5 zeros. Check your work by doing the problem out.

    20+annexing 5 zeros=2,000,000


    Yes, Reagan can annex 5 zeros and still get the same answer of 2,000,000 if she did the problem out.

  25. Jeff has 1468 pennies. He wants to convert them into dimes. he rounds 1468 to 1500 and divides. he got 150 but he doesnt know the real answer. what is the real answer

    1468/10 = 146 r6

    Jeff will have 146 dimes with 6 pennies left.

  26. Matthew has 76 quarters and 188 pennies.  What is the difference between the two amounts of money?

    1. First you do 8-6 which equals 2 so you put a two at the bottom.
    2. Then you do 8-7 which equals 1 so you put a one at the bottom.
    3. Their is no hundreds place in 76 so you just drop down the 1 in 188.
    4. Your answer is 112.
    5. Matthew has 112 more pennies than he has quarters.