Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Let Us Tell You How to...

Since returning to school for the New Year, students have been working on writing their very own How tos! They enjoyed making Fortune Tellers by following the directions, visiting the library to find their own how tos, and finally looking over How to Use a Telescope.

Students came up with a classroom list of what constitutes a strong "How to..." From there they went on a hunt for strong content specific present tense verbs within their chosen How to. They were all very secretive of course because they shared their strong verbs for the class to guess what the student searched out. 

Once the word lists were complete and the children were able to play their guessing game, the verbs were all copied and given back to students to sort into various self made categories. These categorized lists were later used to help the children use powerful verb choice to write their own How tos

Now, children are working to complete their own how tos. So if you are wondering How to... Simply ask the experts below! Or just wait until their own blog posts are complete.

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