Saturday, April 16, 2016

More on Our Innovative Classroom

It is truly amazing to me to see my ideal student work space coming together. A place where students are met with a problem solving group space to identify problems and determine solutions. Just last week, final items came down from the wall to allow for paint and our unique white board wall to use as a community work space. This week our first table was put together. 

I find it interesting how this experience is allowing me to grow as a teacher. So much of this work is foreign to me. I learned that measuring wood to cut has to account for some wood loss as it is sawed away. I learned about the different sizes of screws, and the jobs of drivers and drills. In the end, I discovered that I needed to see some of these things unfold to understand them, or hold them in my hand to acknowledge how they work. It is a great reminder of how individual students need to learn. 
So many others have stepped up to help out, or just come by to support our innovative environment. If it weren't for Francis Wyman's 'Tech Guru,' Ben Schersten, there wouldn't even be a plan for this great table. If it weren't for Diana Marcus, I am not sure what standing desks would be in my room. 

Watching the children take on one new piece of furniture at a time has allowed us all to figure out best uses and best practices. I am impressed with the number of children already choosing standing over sitting.

I am even more excited to complete our transformation from a traditional classroom to what I hope to be a place where children love to come and work together, where they welcome a challenge and where they see each other as an asset in their learning.

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