Saturday, April 30, 2016

Math Problem Solving

What's a teacher to do with left over parts from her classroom project? Have students make individual table supply boxes, of course!

Each post left a hollow box tall enough and wide enough to hold writing supplies for all the members of the group, but how to organize is the question. With a little help from a 3D printing app and a 3D printer we will solve the problem!

Taking the time to sketch ideas and decide as a group what will work best becomes the most challenging aspect. Bigger slots for highlighters and smaller slots for pens and pencils seem to be a norm, but rectangles vs. triangles seems to be the biggest rage. I even wonder what will win.

Listening to the intricacies of the app leaves the children wondering what to do first but eager to try. What tool to use, what method to try, should I build and then hollow out or piece smaller parts together, how do I put the parts together so they stay together are all questions that burn among the tables. But where to start seems to be the overarching topic.

And as you expected, measurement comes into play. The children quickly discovered that each 'box' was slightly different so we labeled them so they would get the same one back. Our discussions of volume are chiming through the room. I overhear the children, "You don't need the volume but you still need all three dimensions!" "They will all be used, but separately!" The enthusiasm is evident and the children get underway.

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