Sunday, September 14, 2014

Explorations in Light

Welcome to our Exploration in Light

As the year begins, we start reviewing what we remember about light and color.  Students experimented with bubbles and light.  

They witnessed the frequency of the bubbles quicken causing rainbows to brighten.  The end result was finding out that violet has the highest frequency.  The bubbles were brightest at the end.  Then they would quickly turn black and pop.

As the children enjoyed their rainbow displays they were given the opportunity to talk in groups about what they were seeing prior to taking notes on their observations.  There was sharing of ideas and information as well as responsibility to the task.  One student even shared how the colors seemed to go through the spectrum in order of Roy G. Biv.  If you aren't sure who he is, be sure to ask your child.

Our second experiment was to use prisms to create rainbows.  As we were trying to make our rainbows, the children noted that the rainbow never traveled straight through the prism and out.  Rather the rainbow came out to the side. 

A great first day of experimentation was had by all.  The children took turns, listened to each other, answered their own questions and more.  

I can't wait to see what's next! 

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