Monday, September 22, 2014

Camp Bournedale Memories

Camp Bournedale: Fifth Grade Trip

For those of you who do not know just how amazing Camp Bournedale is, let us show you just how special, educational, fun and friendship building it can be.  Our adventures begin with three 'classes'.  Our journey brought us onto the Lobster Tales in Pymouth Harbor.  We saw the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock on our way out.  But our physical learning began with hauling full lobster traps out of the water.  We learned the differences between boy and girl crabs and lobsters.  We saw babies still in their mothers and exactly what it takes for a lobster to be a keeper.  Not to mention the spectacular dance done by one of our very own fifth graders.  Shhhh, don't tell anyone but he's about to loose an arm to a giant lobster.

Next stop, Project Adventure! How do you quickly establish classroom community, friendship, trust and mutual respect for one another?  Put children in the position to need one another!  Children had to work together to solve problems, make plans and act on them.  First, how do we get someone over the Meatgrinder? Next, who goes first?  Then, who should go last?  Why should we do it that way?  Let's not forget that we need to get Mrs. Lynch and Mrs. Logan over it to.  Check out these problem solvers!

And, let's not forget our famous surgical skills for the shark dissection.  From beginning to end, we found the sex of the shark, the stomach, intestines, lungs and more.  All students had the opportunity to cut, t open and check out just what makes these guys work.  Did you know that sharks wouldn't be able to swim as fast backwards as they do forwards?  They have scales on their skin that point to the back making them more sleek going forward!

Thanks for the Great Memories Camp Bournedale!

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