Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Friday with Tyler Whitesides

In our author read with Tyler Whitesides today, he shared some personal information with us. Over the wifi we surfed through some great background information and even got to hear some clips from his series, Janitors.  Qlovi supplied us with a unique opportunity to hear this story direct from the mouth of the writer himself.

He shared with us his longstanding desire to write.  He knew he wanted to write even as a child.  He showed us a picture of him with his favorite author when he was only 14.  I hope the children heard just how much this man's love for reading gave him the determination to follow through we his dreams.  

This entertaining story supplied us with magic, friendship and some strange trashy monsters.  A great Friday was had by all with this great author opportunity.  Part of the entertainment was him playing the steel drum and the marimba.  He did impressions for us of Mickey Mouse, Yoda, Gollum and Jack Sparrow to try to show us how he would decide on his characters' voices.

At the end, Tyler opened up for discussion and our question about his next book was answered.

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