Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Curiosity Club Concludes

How high can different balls bounce?
How much water can different
sponges absorb? 
How far will different size balls roll
 using different fan settings?

What brand of plastic wrap is the
How absorbent are different paper towels
after they are wet?

Which way is the best way to fold a
paper airplane?
Which paper flies the best paper airplane?  
It has been a great experience working with this group of students to design experiments of their choosing and follow them through from beginning to end.  These experiments all followed the scientific method and tested for the changed variables.

Mrs. Heald and I are proud of the amount of effort the children put into their work and the outcomes of all the experiments.  Thanks to all the students and families for making all the meetings count!

What kind of salt makes ice cream melt
the fastest?
Finally, we would like to give an extra special thank you to our super scientist judges:  Mark Czerwinski our resident middle school student scientist, Mrs. Czerwinski our high school science teacher, Mr. Musselman our Science Center Guru and Mr. Rigby our friendly neighborhood food scientist.  And of course, thank you to the families for coming to our presentations.

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