Science Sites

Science Overview and Compilations

Crickweb offers a great list of previously taught content as well as topics covered throughout grade 5.

A slightly outdated site but I always go back to it. Love the BBC

Animal Classification

Need a quick review of your animal characteristics, give this a quick read through.
Do you think you know the characteristics of different animals? Try this challenge on for size.
Try some of these African animals on for size.

Hmmm! I wonder what he eats.

Plant Classification
Scholastic offers some great activities, videos and slideshows to restate and dig a little deeper.

Solar System

Planets for Kids is a great easy to read website full of information about the planets, moons and stars.

NASA offers a great interactive site where you can scan the universe.

A very simple break down of rotations and revolutions clears up any confusion.


Try out this amazing PhET simulation to make your own working circuits.

These circuits are easy to work with.

Light and Sound

Check out these shadows.

Playing with mirrors is a great way to recognize that light travels in straight lines.

This is a great way to determine the difference between pitch and volume.

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