Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sh! Room 202 will be Playing "CARDBOARD" Games Tomorrow

Here's the project, now see what we have done so far. Scroll to the bottom to see how far we've come and check back tomorrow to see how they all turned out!

As a class, we have decided to try the Global Cardboard Challenge. All of the students will have
some science time (many students will have extension time also) to create an arcade style game
out of cardboard. This is being planned and made here in school but we need your help finding
materials at home.
The goals and activities are:
  1. Research:
    1. Make an informed choice regarding theme (voted in a Google Form) The class voted on an arcade.
    2. Look at examples to brainstorm ideas
  2. Planning and preparing
    1. Reduce, reuse recycle video and classroom discussion
    2. Plan what you will make using only at home readily available materials. Raid the house for leftover craft materials, cardboard, bottle caps, and more - please do not buy anything other than fasteners (tape, glue, etc.)
    3. Help your children find supplies at home to use to build with.
    4. Create your plan in school.
  3. Use your plan to build and problem solve
    1. Use your plan to put together
    2. Problem solve as you go
    3. Document corrections
Standards Addressed:
4.3-5-ETS1-3. Plan and carry out tests of one or more design features of a given model or prototype in which variables are controlled and failure points are considered to identify which features need to be improved. Apply the results of tests to redesign a model or prototype.
4.3-5-ETS1-5(MA). Evaluate relevant design features that must be considered in building a model or prototype of a solution to a given design problem.*

5.3-5-ETS3-2(MA). Use sketches or drawings to show how each part of a product or device relates to other parts in the product or device.*

In the end, they will be able to play the other games built by the other children in the class. Ready, Get Set...Build, then Play!

Here is a list of possible supplies.

Used cardboard boxes (big and medium size)
Cereal boxes
Assorted paper for making fun passes
Brown paper bags
Empty containers of strawberries
Empty cupcake containers (if available)
Empty bottles and bottle caps
Egg cartons
Milk cartons
Paper towel and toilet paper tubes
Old fabric, pillowcases or clothes cut into scraps
Old stuffed animals and toys


Clear packing tape and mini tape dispenser
Bottles of glue
Glue sticks
Any sort of small hoop or o-ring that would function to create a basketball hoop (coffee cups? to cut apart?)
Duct tape

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