ELA Websites

Try some of these on for size. Not all children love to read or write, so encouraging them to practice the skills needs to be rewarding on its own. These sites encourage exploration in reading and writing without being taxing; instead they are enjoyable! Click on the site name and see where you wind up.

  • Wordle offers excellent typing practice with a rewarding finish.
  • Story On-line allows children to be read to by famous actors for an enjoyable take on a picture book. 
  • BBC allows children to practice ELA strategies learned in the classroom. 
  • Snappy Words is an on-line visual dictionary. 
  • Spelling City provides a new approach to studying with some keyboarding practice. 
  • Wordsmyth offers great vocabulary and examples.
  • Some children feel more successful reading shorter more time relevant pieces. Try this free online newspaper

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