Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kid Blog goes Live

Click on the picture above to get to Kidblog.

After months of writing math directions, script writing, planning and filming, Kidblog is LIVE! 

The process began with the children choosing math topics to teach. From there, they had to come up with problem types of varying degrees of complexity. This led to step by step directions that would work for both the simplest and most challenging problems as well as everything in between. The next step, involved deciding on the three exact problems that would build in difficulty to use for their videos. Finally, script writing time came. The scripts were the most challenging piece with all of the rules I put into place. They could not read the directions but instead they had to sum up, give hints and shortcuts and offer time for the audience to read. Finally, the children used ExplainEverything to bring their individual lessons to life. 

In the end, the videos involved math, presenting, good choices for presentation and fluency. The children worked hard on personal and peer editing using comments and constructive criticism. I will be the first to say that these children are proud of their accomplishments and already eagerly working on their next project: Building a Budget.

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