Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It's Electric

This is by far my favorite science topic. I traded in my electricity script for some new ideas. Let the practice be the learning with some online simulations. We built circuits using a simulation website and took that experience to create real circuits to identify materials that will or won't carry electricity. The final challenge comes after vacation. May the force be with us!
After a day of working on simulations, the students had to look at real examples and determine the working parts of circuits in flashlights. They noticed things like:
  • the switch completes the circuit
  • the metal pieces inside of the bulb
  • the lens magnifies the light
  • the metal behind the bulb reflects the light
  • and more

All of this practice finally led us to the point where we built our own working circuits to determine through their own experiments what will and won't carry an electric current.

Just wait and see what they do when they come back!

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