Sunday, April 19, 2015

Plant Pictionary or Charades Anyone?

Plants are Amazing

Plants take in water from their roots and
sunlight from their leaves for energy to grow
In the last week before vacation we decided to review some old topics. Animal Classification was a breeze. The children really remembered vertebrates, invertebrates, cold-blooded and warm blooded animals. Then came the real fun. The assignment: REVIEW PLANTS and BECOME AN EXPERT! The children were assigned topics to teach using charades or pictionary as a teaching tool. Let's see what we learned.

Seeds hold what is needed to make plants. They use water and stored food to sprout.
As the seeds begin to sprout, they grow to be plants or trees. These plants and trees also produce more seeds so that more trees and plants will develop in the future.
Plants respond to their environment in four major ways. They grow up toward the sunlight even if the plant is planted sideways, they turn to face the sun, the roots grow down into the earth and they will grow toward a water source, and finally the plant will grow up a supportive structure if one is near. 
Plants have three major structures. The roots are in the earth. The stem supports the plant or tree. The leaves make food and even direct water to the roots.
Photosynthesis is the process by which plants utilize carbon dioxide, sunlight and water to make food. 

Pollination is the process of pollen going from flower to flower so that more flowers can grow. This can be accomplished by bees, wind and more.

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