Friday, February 13, 2015

Please Let Us Explain

In ELA, we just finished being the experts. We set out to teach someone else how to do something. We wrote clear organized directions, listed our materials and included pictures to help another understand.

Our process was clear and organized.
As a class we made and wrote directions for "How to Make a Fortune Teller". We made, wrote, photographed and finally followed our own directions. This was our first edit. Then we gave the directions to another class to follow. We added in their suggestions also.

Now, it was time for the students to do their own. First thing is first, they needed to do the step and really slow down to look at what had been done. Second, the children had to use words that could be understood for another to follow the directions. And finally, they took pictures. this was repeated until the project was complete. Each student then had to follow their directions word for word. (Too funny!) As part of the process, they practiced their peer editing skills by playing the devil's advocate in trying to follow the directions without the pictures. Edits were made and good times were had by all.

Along the way, the children were able to take turns being the experts of either the item they made, some skill they acquired along the way or even a directional specialist. In the end, the children were all able to make a how to they were proud to show to all.

Finally, it was time to put our work into Google Drive. The students added their pictures into Drive from their iPads and typed their directions as well. This allowed for a one on one opportunity to see spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Finally, a visit to the computer lab allowed the children to add the pictures and place them so that they support the directions. A perfect example of text features.

From there, the children created their blog posts which you can see by having your child log in from home.

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, here is how to make a fortune teller.

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