Thursday, January 1, 2015

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Writing Surrounds Us!

As the year marches on, we have been taking a more structured approach to writing. This approach is becoming clearer and will become one of next endeavors. Here are the results of our writing efforts. Our beginnings revolved around personal narratives.

As the year moved on we started developing our ability to take notes, retell and summarize texts we've read in class.  This led to some great book summaries which were typed, drawn and finally narrated. Check out this completed Hatchet summary.
As we continue to develop our writing curriculum, we took a loved book and moved into some persuasive writing. This led us all to choose three items to take on a trip where we would need to survive in the wilderness. Then we had to convince the reader to take the items on their trip.

Our most recent persuasive piece was our letters to Santa. The goal was to ask Santa for three presents for Christmas. There had to be reasons for each item and some Christmas song lyrics had to be included. 

Enjoy our pieces and come back soon for how to do it!

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