Sunday, January 26, 2014

Latitude and Longitude Treasure Hunt

Ahoy there mateys!  Room 103 set out on their first live expedition.  After reviewing latitude and longitude, performing several activities to determine coordinates and direction, room 103 set out to find Cap'n Cooksie's lost booty.  We used GyroCompass to determine our location and set out on our adventure.  Here's how it went.  First, the children had to figure out our location and compare it to the coordinates of the treasure.

Next the children had to decide what direction we have to travel to head towards the treasure.  They even came up with exact locations to go to to get a new set of coordinates to compare.  First stop the office!  Second stop, the gym.  Next, the corner of the gym.  And finally, the storage closet, but where is the loot?

Were we able to pinpoint the treasure with coordinates?  But of course!  The treasure was found and the children (and I) were quite excited.

The treasure was a set of secrets only the select few were made privy to.  A set of teacher pictures from way back when.  A series of secrets only shared with a select few.  Who sported big hair and batons?  Who danced or rode horses?  You may never know, but the children do.  

In the end, the treasure box was filled with weekend fun starting with the mustaches the children all wore home Friday afternoon.  So the pirate booty was full of good times, learning and imagination.  What more could we all ask for?  Have a great weekend!

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