Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Middlesex Math Tournament

Students, are you ready? Let's begin!

Some real math enthusiasts were in on Saturday's math challenge. Welcome to the Middlesex Math Madness Tournament where students were met with both individual and team math/logic problems. These children rocked the boat with their math savvy, enthusiasm and best effort. 

The event begins with a little friendly competition among the individuals with math problems in much the style of a Math Olympiad. Each student struggling with math concepts not directly taught in school. 

As the event continues, students work together to complete 10 more questions as a team. This adds on the extra challenge of less time and the skill of divvying out the right problems to the right students. In other words, realizing what other students have as skills and dividing up the problems based upon those skills.

So proud to say these silly kids came out to show off their math 'stuff' and enjoy a lovely Saturday getting their 'MATH ON!'

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